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What is ASSIST?

From both a public and private standpoint, we will assist in developing your business in the U.S.

From providing the latest information on indispensable U.S. labor and immigration laws to the various procedures necessary to start living in a new environment, ASSIST’s professional team, lead by international human resources consultants that have 29 years of specialized experience, will support you in a responsible manner.

ASSIST is a business division that belongs to Teruko Weinberg, Inc. (TWI). Ever since its establishment in 1994 and headed by Teruko Weinberg who has 39 years of industry experience in the U.S., TWI has been involved with the placement of Japanese/English bilingual and bicultural personnel that have work experience and are ready to take on the job. Such personnel introductions are carried out with our most extensive and comprehensive consultations. TWI’s service seeks the utmost satisfaction for both the customer and the job seeker, and has been very well received by numerous Japanese companies in the U.S

On your behalf, the ASSIST Business Division oversees the hiring process to consulting on human resources management as well as providing outsourcing services. Furthermore, we provide various services to overseas assignees and their families including business support in the U.S. as well as providing them with extensive support on a personnel level. These services have been very well received.

The person in charge of this department has experience in providing human resources consulting to a total of a thousand overseas assignees, their families, and to local hires. Utilizing a trusted network with the immigration office and the state government, we respond to your every need.

At our company, we help develop your business in the U.S. by offering human resources outsourcing services and we even go further than that by backing you on issues related to living in the U.S. Business development starts by first organizing the environment your company is in. Please have confidence in letting the ASSIST professional group help you.

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