U.S. human resources and labor topics:TWI Assist


A Comprehensive Seminar On Human Resources/Labor Management (Japanese and English)

From tax, legal, and immigration policies to avoiding sexual harassment, this seminar is objective based and is implemented in both Japanese and English.

Service content

- Seminar for new overseas assignees
- Seminar for wives
- Cross-cultural seminar
- Seminar for Japanese regarding labor management in the U.S.
- Seminar for local hires that work for a Japanese company in the U.S.
- Training to avoid sexual harassment
- Seminar on basic knowledge on human resources/labor law
- Seminar on U.S. tax laws
- Seminar on U.S. immigration laws
- Customized seminar tailored to individual needs


TWI Location

21241 S. Western Ave, Suite 150 Torrance, CA 90501