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Regarding Membership

There are different types of ASSIST services. Once you become a member, the ASSIST Club offers you membership benefits. We also offer human resources related support services for seminars, orientations, and consulting that can be utilized as needed.

There are 2 types of ASSIST Club memberships. One is for corporate members and the other is for individual members such as foreign exchange students. Membership fees differ.

Once enrolled, the following services will be available:

  • Inquiry service for information on businesses, human resources, legal and livelihood in America
  • Discount rates apply for services offered by various affiliated companies such as for ASSIST designated banks, credit card companies, moving, furniture leasing, vehicle leasing, rental cars, hotels, etc.
  • You can quickly solve problems by calling our exclusive ASSIST phone line that connects you to a Japanese help desk (disclaimer: services to accompany you on business trips or on call services will incur additional fees)

Please ask for our brochure regarding details such as membership fees.

TWI Location

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