U.S. human resources and labor topics:TWI Assist

To The Person In Charge Of Human Resources For Your Corporation

Overseas assignees and their families will have our backing so that they can feel confident and safe about living in the U.S. Furthermore, our dedicated consultants will customize seminars and orientations on U.S. human resources and labor topics.
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To Individuals/Foreign Exchange Students

Are you being troubled by not knowing how to obtain your driver's license, how to find an apartment/real estate property or have visa problems? Our consultants, who are also experts in dealing with such matters in the U.S., will assist in resolving them.
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Introduction To Consultants

We will introduce ASSIST consultants who are connoisseurs of American living and know the secrets to getting businesses to succeed.
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Common Knowledge Of Working
In The U.S.
Sexual Harassment Seminars for Japanese Corporations In The U.S. Currently, accepting applications

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